Examination scrapbook 2019-20

The pandemic suddenly forced all schools to lock down at the end of March. For the rest of the semester Apple Tree conducted online classes for all grades following the regular routine wherever possible.
Then came the question of how to conduct our final examinations, since students were not allowed to come to school. The solution was a combination of academic work and a way for our students to pass their time at home in a creative and merry way. All students were given a set of academic areas to work with, and suggestions how to present their work in a scrapbook.
The result was a stunning display of the imagination of our students. Regardless of age and grade they set off with great diligence and determination. We are proud to publish a small part of all this work here on our website. The images in the slide shows will be changed from now and then, to give many of our gifted students the possibility to shine in public.

This is all for now. Please come back in a couple of days for more images.