Our extra curriculum afternoon club
In Apple Kids we offer students extracurricular studies in a wide range of subjects and topics.

It can be regular school subjects; like Art, History or ICT.
A group in Apple Kids can also be tailormade according to participants' wish; like Robotics or Astronomy.
The only criteria is that the number of participants in a group should be around 10-15, and a peer group agewise.
You may select any number of subjects on a monthly fee basis.
From August 2015, the following subjects are already available:
Art and Design (aiming for O Level)
Science - Robotics

The club is open to everybody. You do not have to be a student at Apple Tree International School to become a member.
We welcome students from other schools to our extra curriculum classes. All classes will be conducted in English by regular Apple Tree teachers.
For routine and membership issues, please contact the school office in Campus 1.

Join now, and have fun!